My name is David Scott, and I'm running to be your District 6 representative on the Texas State Board of Education.  Here are some of the things you will get if you elect me:

  • Someone that believes in educating the whole child, mind and body.
  • Someone that believes that textbooks (especially in science and history) should have facts, not a religious or political agenda.
  • Someone who believes that our teachers and students spend far too much time preparing for standardized tests, rather than teaching and learning.
  • Someone who believes in fairness in school funding.
  • Someone with kids in the public school system, who takes the future of Texas education personally.

Please take some time and read my platform.  I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Twitter and Facebook are easy ways to contact me or to follow the latest news of my campaign.  Also, please remember to make time to get out and vote in the Primary on May 29, 2012!  Thanks,


Latest News

I've been endorsed by the Houston Black American Democrats! Thanks for the support!

The Primary date has finally been settled! May 29, 2012. This time for sure (maybe)!

The Primary has been moved! It's now April 3.  An extra month to get out the message!

Upcoming Events